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  • The colours express emotion; the texture: intention and the composition: narration. This is true for most art, but unique to each artist.
Sejal Mody

Her works are the amalgamation of technique, creativity and most of all innate vision; yet, most captivating is her style: abstract while astonishingly versatile. Sejal's multifaceted virtuosity include several mediums such as glass painting, wood etching, acrylic and oil paintings, ceramics, dyeing, sketching, photography, graphic art.

How it all started?

Born and raised in Mumbai, Sejal exhibited a keen interest and talent in the arts.

1983 - 1988 : Studied Fine Arts from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, India with BFA (Bachelor Of Fine Arts).

1988 - 1989 : Studied Ceramics in Sophia College, Mumbai.

2012 : Studied CERAMICs at Andretta Pottery under Mini And Mary Mansimran, Juggal Kishorjee (APRIL), Himachal Pradesh.

2012 : Studied Ceramic Glazes under Sandeep Manchekar, Mumbai.

2010 : Onwards Teaching Art Exploration in Rizvi College Of Architecture, Mumbai.

In the past she has

2001 : Awarded 3rd place "Painting of the Month" by The Trinity Arts Guild, TEXAS, USA.

2001 : Exhibited in Trinity Arts Guild, TEXAS, USA in the month of October.

1988 : Exhibition in Graphics by "Young Print Makers" held at CMC ART GALLERY from 15-26 December.

1988 : Invited to participate in "MONSOON ART SHOW" Sponsored and held by Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1983 : Awarded a "Certificate In Art" From Walsingham House School.

Press Release

Ceramic painter and ceramic artist SEJAL MODY

About Me

I believe in Henry Moore's quote, "Art is a way of making a person, get fuller enjoyment out of life than he/she would otherwise."

I fell painting is a continuous process even when I don't have my material with me, I keep doing it in my mind most of the time, whenever I see something that inspires me it gets registered in my mind in the form of an image. Sometimes I find this inspiration in nature (flowers, butterflies & scenic beauty) or sometimes in someone else's work or in books. If something strikes me, mostly colours' then that gets registered and keeps working in my mind. Not keeping them the way they are and modify them in my own way.

When I think of painting I don't think of the space in the canvas alone, but also the space around the canvas because I feel a painting gives a meaning not merely to the canvas but also to the walls on which it is hung. So the situation to which the painting is put is equally important. I think of a painting in terms of architecture, this could be because my father was an architect.

"Towards freedom is the direction that my work takes."

The art work comes straight through a free mind. Absolute freedom is possible.

The thing that strikes me most is COLOUR; painting is a very subtle medium and it speaks of the most subtle phases of our responses. An artist lives by perception. I respond most spontaneously to colour. The images that I perceive in my mind consist mostly of colour rather than form, thus the emphasis on colour in my paintings. I like colour for the sake of colour, it has its own identity in the painting. I don't use it as a medium to create an atmosphere or a mood or a form but I use it in its own pure form - presentation of a paint surface for its own sake. I demonstrate my enjoyment on a large scale of the properties of colour and paint it in a large scale. The quality of the painting is achieved by an even saturation of colours which exists side by side with emphatic two-dimensionality. Even in this flatness I see a lot of depth. The illusion of space is created by the way I use colour. I try to perfect a language of straining my canvas with multiple layers of liquid paint, transparent film of colour which at first have no meaning but on paint surface give it its meaning. I have tried to exploit colour to its full extent in order to give expression to feelings.

From Colour to Form
After I have created that colourful atmosphere, I penetrate more deeply into it. I see movement in those patches of colours which are applied very vigorously and try to capture it. These patches of colour - although they have a movement - are still very unclear and formless, although they have no definite contour I see forms in them. I tend to see flowers, fishes, rainbows, butterflies or even kites - in a mystical form. They are suggestions of the real; this is because I am not very direct in my painting.

I don't use patches of colour in different tonal values or light and shade to create a form but I use lines and free strokes that come naturally to give movement or meaning to the mystical form. Obviously there is no concrete form but there is an airiness which makes them seem hanging or flowering around in the space. This lightness of the atmosphere depicts the lively mood which is what I look to achieve.

It's like a flowing river,
my ideas, thoughts and emotions,
they build up like those high currents
in the river and then after sometime
if you let them flow with the current
they will become calm and serene.
But one thing should never stop, the flow,
if that flow stops, the water becomes stagnant
and then you stop growing.
- Sejal Mody



Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Oil Painting
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Oil Painting
Oil Painting

Mixed Media

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